Product description

PENOPLEX® BASE is a high-performance thermal insulation material (latest-generation XPS) manufactured from general-purpose polystyrene.


General-purpose type of thermal insulation slabs used in segment of professional industrial and civil construction. It is recommended to be used for thermal insulation of pedestals, walls, floors, roofs as an aggregate of compensation joints.

  • Environment friendliness
  • Safety
  • Absolute biostability
  • Constant low conductivity
  • Virtually zero water absorption (uniform structure due to closed independent cells)
  • High compressive strength
  • Certified lifetime
Specifications / standards
  • TU 5767-006-54349294-2014
  • EN 13164:2012+A1:2015
  • Production control and evaluation is carried out by accredited laboratories
Main characteristics
Thickness, mm:20-150
Length, mm:1185 (1185-3000)
Width, mm:585 (585-600)
Edge type:Т-15 (L-shaped, 15 mm) / C (straight edge)
Technical specifications
XPS – EN 13164 – T1 – CS(10\Y)200 – CC(2/1,9(10)100 – WL(T)0,7
Heat conductivity, W/(m•K):0.034
Heat-transfer resistance, m2•K/W:1.45
Reaction-to-fire class:F
Limit thickness deviation class:Т1
Compressive strength at 10 % linear deformation:CS(10\Y)200 (≥200 kPa)
Compressive creep:CC(2/1,9(10)100 (100 kPa)
Water absorption at long-term immersion:WL(T)0.7 (≤ 0.7 [Vol.-%])