Product description

PENOPLEX® KOMFORT 150 is a high-performance thermal insulation material (latest-generation XPS) manufactured from general-purpose polystyrene.


General-purpose type, intended for private house building. It is recommended to use this material in building structures not subjected to heavy loads: for thermal insulation of pedestals, walls, pitched roofs, non-accessible flat roofs, protruding and recessed balconies.

Characteristics / advantages
  • constant low thermal conductivity;
  • zero water adsorption (uniform structure of sealed cells);
  • high compression and bend strength;
  • absolute bioproofness;
  • durability;
  • environmental compatibility.

Surface: smooth
Color: orange

Norms / standards
  • ТU 5767-006-54349294-2014;
  • EN 13164:2012+A1:2015;
  • Manufacturing process is checked and assessed by certified laboratories.
Technical specifications
Compressive strength or Compressive stress at 10%deformation kPa≥150EN 13164
Reaction to Fire, classF
Declared thermal conductivity λD (W/m×К)0.034
Dimensional tolerancesT1
`Water permeability | Long term water absorption WL(T)0,7≤0.7 (Vol-%)
Operation temperature, оСFrom -70 to +75
Declared thermal resistance RD m2*K/W (20 mm)0.55
Declared thermal resistance RD m2*K/W (30 mm)0.85
Declared thermal resistance RD m2*K/W (40 mm)1.15
Declared thermal resistance RD m2*K/W (50 mm)1.45
Declared thermal resistance RD m2*K/W (100 mm)2.90