Product description

PENOPLEX® STRONG is a high-performance and high duty thermal insulation material (latest-generation XPS) manufactured from general-purpose polystyrene.


General-purpose type of thermal insulation slabs used in segment of professional industrial and civil construction. It is recommended for thermal insulation of loaded structures: foundations, floor, stylobates, accessible roofs, systems of paving and improvement of the territory.

  • Environment friendliness
  • Safety
  • Absolute biostability
  • Constant low conductivity
  • Virtually zero water absorption (uniform structure due to closed independent cells)
  • High compressive strength
  • Certified lifetime
Specifications / standards
  • TU 5767-006-54349294-2014
  • EN 13164:2012+A1:2015
  • Production control and evaluation is carried out by accredited laboratories
Main characteristics
Thickness, mm:40-120
Length, mm:1185 (1185-3000)
Width, mm:585 (585-600)
Edge type:Т-15 (L-shaped, 15 mm) / C (straight edge)
Technical specifications
XPS – EN 13164 – T1 – CS(10\Y)300 – СС(2/1,9/10)132 – WL(T)0,7
Heat conductivity, W/(m•K):0.034
Heat-transfer resistance, m2•K/W:1.45
Reaction-to-fire class:E
Limit thickness deviation class:Т1
Compressive strength at 10 % linear deformation:CS(10\Y)300 (≥300 kPa)
Compressive creep:CC(2/1,9(10)132 (132 kPa)
Water absorption at long-term immersion:WL(T)0.7 (≤ 0.7 [Vol.-%])