Product description

PENOPLEX® WALL 150 is a high-performance thermal insulation material (latest-generation XPS) manufactured from general-purpose polystyrene.


Special type of slabs developed for applications to be covered with plaster or to be tiled. Intended for private house building. Slabs have milled rough surfaces and this improves adhesion of plaster and adhesive compounds to the material surface.

Characteristics / advantages
  • constant low thermal conductivity;
  • zero water adsorption (uniform structure of sealed cells);
  • high compression and bend strength;
  • absolute bioproofness;
  • durability;
  • environmental compatibility.

Surface: rough, milled
Color: orange

Norms / standards
  • ТU 5767-006-54349294-2014;
  • EN 13164:2012+A1:2015;
  • Manufacturing process is checked and assessed by certified laboratories.

Technical specifications
Compressive strength or Compressive stress at 10%deformation kPa≥150EN 13164
Reaction to Fire, classF
Declared thermal conductivity λD (W/m×К)0.034
`Water permeability | Long term water absorption WL(T)≤3 (Vol-%)
Dimensional tolerancesT1
Operation temperature, оСFrom -70 to +75
Declared thermal resistance RD m2*K/W (20 mm)0.55
Declared thermal resistance RD m2*K/W (30 mm)0.85
Declared thermal resistance RD m2*K/W (40 mm)1.15
Declared thermal resistance RD m2*K/W (50 mm)1.45
Declared thermal resistance RD m2*K/W (100 mm)2.90